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• Eat color

• Move Move MOVE

• Take a deep breath

• Everything in moderation

• Laughter is the best medicine

These were the mantras of my wise and wonderful, old-world, Italian mother. They quickly became my mantras, too. She knew what she was talking about.

Not long after medical school, when I was a practicing physician, I understood that I learned as much about healthy living – about wellness – in my mother’s kitchen as I did in school. Above all, I learned that everyone has the capacity for wellness…to reach his or her wellness potential.

Wellness potential is the ability to be the healthiest and best you possible.

For those of us approaching mid-life especially, wellness today is the cornerstone of healthy aging tomorrow.

Whatever your age, your weight, your level of stress or state of mind, you can realize your wellness potential. It’s easier than you think.

Join me and I’ll show you how.


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