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Dr. Carm’s Summer Family Vacation and Road Trip Survival Kit
June 17, 2014

Hooray!  Summer vacation time is finally here.  Just like any other parent, I usually pack a bunch of over-the-counter medications to combat headaches, fever, motion sickness, colds, stomach upset, diarrhea, allergic reactions, etc before heading out on a family trip.  But over the years I’ve developed another kit of home remedies handed down from my

Five Tips for Saving Money on Healthcare Costs
June 2, 2014

I’ve been talking a lot about healthcare coverage and ways to save on healthcare costs a lot the past few months. Despite the fact that healthcare coverage is a topic constantly in the news, there is still a great deal of misinformation and confusion about what you are entitled to as a healthcare consumer.  Below are some

Are Worksite Wellness Program Worth the Investment?
April 16, 2014

Earlier this year, The New York Times published an article regarding a study released by RAND researchers and executives of PepsiCo. The study revealed that the worksite wellness program that PepsiCo has implemented for the past seven years may not have delivered the return on investment (ROI) that the organization had hoped. Having been involved

Alcohol’s Effects on Women
April 3, 2014

I love to enjoy a good glass of wine or a tasty martini with my husband and friends. But as most women can attest, it seems to take a lot less alcohol for us to feel tipsy than it does the guys. There’s more to it than body weight and height, though. Women metabolize alcohol

Six Things You Need to Know about the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
March 27, 2014

The March 31 deadline to sign up for insurance coverage on is fast approaching. I thought it might be helpful to take the politics out of healthcare – for a couple minutes, at least – and list just a few of the things that you should know about this law, which many people refer

Is Your Colon Feeling Sluggish? Try these tips for keeping your system running like a well-oiled machine this winter
January 31, 2014

This has been one crazy cold winter in many parts of the country. That means many of us are practically hibernating in a valiant attempt to stay warm – foregoing our usual exercise routines to lay on the couch wrapped in blankets, watching TV, and eating comfort foods. All that inactivity – coupled with the

Does Your Partner Make You Healthy?
January 15, 2014

True Story: This December 20, Louis and I had our screening (50 year old) colonoscopies. Same time, same place, same doctor. Thank God that all was well. “Clean bill of health”. Someone said to me…”you are so lucky that you have a partner in health”… I had never really thought of him as that before

The Holidays are over and I’ve got my house Back! Yeah!
January 5, 2014

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. I love my friends. Because I love them all so much, I tend to overdo on the holiday merriment. I cook…a lot. I bake. I clean. I buy and buy. Now on January 5th, I’m over it. Completely. I cannot tell you how happy I am to

How to Stay Healthy During Cold/Flu Season
January 5, 2014

Two recent studies were published that might have people scratching their heads. One questions the effectiveness and safety of antibacterial soap while the other questions the same regarding multivitamins.   First, antibacterial soap:   The FDA is now requiring soap manufacturers to demonstrate that antibacterial substances are safe or to take them out of

5 Top Tips for Avoiding the “Holiday Spread”
December 5, 2013

This time of year is a big challenge for those of us who have issues with portion control and a sweet tooth. Here are the top 5 (in my opinion) strategies to avoid a weight gain during the holiday season. The basic philosophy is to do what you should be doing everyday: BE MINDFUL. Plan,

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